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News and updates for American tenor Mark Van Arsdale, who performs in opera and concert internationally, including baroque, Mozart, operetta and contemporary works.

Paradise Begins!

Mark Van Arsdale

I'm happy to say I have arrived here in Chemnitz, Germany to start rehearsals for PARADISE RELOADED. This brand-new work by Peter Eötvös will have its second production and German premiere here with the company. I am thrilled to be singing the role of ADAM. His relationship to Eve, and his "first wife," Lilith, drives him into a pact with Lucifer to see if he doesn't lose faith in humanity. It's a steep fall from Eden, and the audience gets to experience this moment of transformation and - perhaps - redemption. We have a wonderful cast, including Frances Pappas, Holger Falk, and Marie-Pierre Roy. Production directed by Helen Malkowsky and conducted by Frank Beerman. Stay tuned for more information!